Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach
Sea-cliff breach

Sea-cliff breach

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Title: Sea-cliff breach

Photographer: Graham Elliott

Location:  Sydney, Australia

Sydney is on the eastern coast of Australia which means that the sun rises out of the sea. The time around sunset on a clear day is one of my favourite times for taking photographs of humpback whales. I was really lucky this particular morning. For the first few hours of the day, the sun brings out the colours of the cliffs to the north of the entrance of Sydney Harbour.

We were very lucky as we found this whale quite quickly (sometimes it can take an hour or so and sometimes we don’t find them at all). And it felt like winning the lottery when the breaching began. Whales don’t breach all the time, in my experience I probably see a breach every three trips, but when they do it on a morning like this it makes it all worthwhile!

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