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Title: Retreat

Photographer: Graham Elliott

Location:  Botswana

Caption:   A few minutes before this photograph was taken, this hippo had attacked us. I was in a small boat with two other people and we needed to follow a particular channel in this part of the Chobe river so that I could get back to my land transport.

The hippo was blocking the channel and refused to move. It then charged at us (you can see a shot of this if you look for “Angry Hippo” in my Wild Earth collection). Just as suddenly it stopped and, as we were wondering what to do, it turned around and got out of the river.

I was quite happy with the way things turned out as I would have been stuck. The guide with me had never seen a hippo behave that way and I consider myself very lucky to have been able to go on my way.

Print Size: 7” x 5” (+ 0.2” border), 178mm x 127mm (+ 5mm border)

Edition of 250 includes: a certificate of authenticity with hologram, signature and edition number in series.

printed on C-Type Matt