Mother and newborns

Mother and newborns

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Title: Mother and newborns

Photographer: Graham Elliott

Location:  South Africa

Caption:   These wildebeest (or gnu) were photographed in January and both calves are newborns. If you look carefully you can see they both have their umbilical cord attached. It has shrivelled and will soon drop off both animals.

This photograph was taken on a damp Sunday morning and the gnu calves weren’t the only newborns we could see. Zebra were among the other animals giving birth. Although the weather wasn’t ideal for taking photographs it did mean that there was plenty of food for the animals to graze on.

Print Size: 7” x 5” (+ 0.2” border), 178mm x 127mm (+ 5mm border)

Edition of 250 includes: a certificate of authenticity with hologram, signature and edition number in series.

printed on C-Type Matt