Mother and foal

Mother and foal

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Title: Mother and foal

Photographer: Graham Elliott

Location:  Botswana

Caption:   This photograph was taken during a morning walk in the Okavango Delta. I had spent the night camping on one of the islands in the delta and went for a walk before breakfast. These zebra were part of a larger group comprising zebra and giraffe and they were grazing for their breakfast when we found them.

Zebras have brown ‘ghost’ stripes as well as the more obvious black stripes. Zebras have black skin, so it’s more correct to think of them as having white stripes on black.

Print Size: 7” x 5” (+ 0.2” border), 178mm x 127mm (+ 5mm border)

Edition of 250 includes: a certificate of authenticity with hologram, signature and edition number in series.

printed on C-Type Matt