Charming portrait

Charming portrait

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Title: Charming portrait

Photographer: Graham Elliott

Location:  Namibia

Caption:   I do struggle to come up with titles when naming photographs and that’s probably reflected in this photo’s name. One of the things I love to do when photographing wild animals is to get in as close as possible (via my lens) and try to produce more intimate photographs.

This young female was feeding on very dry looking vegetation on the edge of a dried river. Elephants use their tusks like Swiss army knives (i.e. for almost anything) and usually favour one tusk or the other (just as we tend to be either left or right-handed). You can see that this particular tusk is very well worn. 

Print Size: 7” x 5” (+ 0.2” border), 178mm x 127mm (+ 5mm border)

Edition of 250 includes: a certificate of authenticity with hologram, signature and edition number in series.

printed on C-Type Matt