About Graham Elliott

I've been lucky enough to have had a few adventures over the last few decades. These include:

  • Helping two amazing whale researchers in Western Australia as a volunteer and learning a lot about humpback whales.
  • Riding a 900cc motorbike solo around Australia over a four-and-a-half-month period, six months after getting my license.
  • Flying aeroplanes, including a Russian MiG-25 at more than twice the speed of sound at 80,000 feet.
  • Being part of a group climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to raise money for UNICEF Australia (we raised over $84,000).
  • Taking the opportunity to dive to the wreck of the RMS Titanic in a small submarine.

I've spent time volunteering with different projects in Africa and this has given me first-hand experience of the issues confronting conservation (animal and environment) today. This drives my fine-art print photography work as I believe the more we connect with nature, the more we appreciate it.

This also brings up another reason why I do what I do, looking after our mental health. Mental health issues came to the fore during COVID and I believe that connecting with nature is essential for good mental health. 

Not everyone gets the opportunity to go where I've been, but I hope by sharing my work, some of my passion will rub off too. I also want my work to benefit the people working on the front line of conservation. That's why 10% of the proceeds from print sales go to projects I've worked with.

Post-COVID, many people are reassessing what's most important to them in their lives. If what I do resonates with you, please get involved. You may not want to buy my work (or be able to right now), so my membership programme might be a viable alternative for you. 

If you'd like to get in touch, please do.

Graham on a fun run in SydneyPhotographing humpback whales at sunsetWith my first photobookWhale research on Enderby IslandSearching for tigers in IndiaAt the top of Mount Kilimanjaro in TanzaniaRiding a motorbike around AustraliaThe bow of the RMS TitanicGraham recording a podcast